What is Liability Coverage

All policies issued at the rates for Public Liability only, shall exclude the Employers’ Liability hazard by printed condition or endorsement to the following effect. Compare discount auto insurance rates online.

It is understood and agreed that this policy is so amended as to exclude from its operation and coverage any bodily injuries to any employee of the assured while engaged in the operation, maintenance or repair of any disclosed automobile or injured in the course of his employment in the business of the assured, or to any person to whom the assured may be held liable under any Workmen’s Compensation Law or Agreement.

In order to extend Employers’ Liability coverage in connection with policies covering commercial and/or public automobiles, an endorsement to the following effect shall be attached to the Public Liability policy:

In consideration of the statement made by the assured that he has no employees in excess of the number of cars covered herein, and that such employees are hired to drive such cars, and in further consideration of the premium charged, it is understood and agreed that anything in the policy to the contrary notwithstanding, this policy is hereby extended to cover the liability imposed by law upon the assured for damage, but not for Workmen’s Compensation, on account of injuries or death accidentally suffered by such employee or employees while engaged in operating or caring for the automobiles insured under this policy.

Policies issued to cover Public Liability, Property Damage, Collision or Employers’ and Additions Liability shall exclude from their coverage any liability of the assured:

(a) Under any Workmen’s Compensation agreement, plan or law;
(b) While any of the insured automobiles are being used for other purposes than specified in the Schedule or Declarations of the policy;
(c) While being operated by any person under the age limit fixed by law, or under the age of fourteen years in any event;
(d) When used in any race or speed contest;
(e) When used for towing or propelling a trailer unless such privilege is endorsed thereon, and a proper premium charged therefor, or unless such trailer is also insured by the Company;
(f) When used for renting or livery use and the carrying of passengers for a consideration (if a private passenger automobile);
(g) When used for the carrying of passengers for a consideration (if a commercial automobile). This exclusion may be endorsed out for ambulances or invalid carriages.

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