Public Liability and Property Damage Coverage

So-called “service” cars (whether of the Cars and private passenger or commercial type) used by Towing Automobile Sales Agencies, Public Garages, Repair Shops (if not already covered by a garage policy) and by Automobile Service Stations and Tire Dealers for first aid to disabled automobiles or for towing same, shall be written at the premiums for “light” Class 3 commercial automobiles. Omnibus coverage may be granted in connection with service cars except when insured under garage payroll policies.

Discount Policies may be issued to cover the auto-Schools mobile operations incidental to so-called auto mobile or tractor training schools or colleges. Such risks shall be referred to the Company for rating on proper application blanks filled out and signed by the assured. Tire Dealers and Battery Service Stations the Dealers and operations of which involve the driving of customers’ cars, may be insured for Public Liability Station and Property Damage under Garage Payroll policies covering all operations except owned automobiles which shall be specifically excluded and insured separately at full Manual rates. Garage Payroll policies issued to cover such risks shall be written for “Total Hazard” Coverage only, at the automobile storage garage payroll rates and minimum premiums for “Total Hazard.”

Automobile Filling Stations shall be insured Filling for premises hazard in accordance with the Stations public Liability Manual (Garage Payroll policies shall not be used). Risks which involve calling for and delivering customers’ cars may be insured for such operations on the Named Driver basis at the demonstrating rates. If it is impossible to name the persons who drive customers’ cars, the risk shall be submitted for rating.

Companies Crating rates for Public Liability and Property Damage Coverage for the repossessing or recovering of financed cars. If it is impossible to name the persons who repossess financed cars, the risk shall be submitted for rating on the basis of the number of cars repossessed. Owned automobiles used in the business shall be insured in the regular manner.

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