Liability Insurance and Employers’ Liability

Coverage shall not be extended to provide defense to the assured or his chauffeur or other employee on account of arrest. Coverage includes legal expenses incurred with the consent of the Company and expense for immediate surgical relief imperative at the time of the accident.

Coverage for commercial automobiles may be extended to include the loading and unloading of goods and occasional pleasure use for the named assured’s family.

Liability Insurance and Employers’ Liability – Find Discount Vehicle Insurance Now

Limits are based upon limits of $5,000 for one person and $10,000 for any one accident unless otherwise specifically indicated. No reduction is allowed for lower limits, unless special exception is made. For higher limits, charge additional percentages of the basic rates and minimum premiums.

Property rates and minimum premiums for Property Damage

Damage Insurance include “loss of use” and are based upon a limit of $5,000 unless otherwise specifically indicated. No reduction is permitted for lower limits or for the exclusion of “loss of use.” The Company’s liability for one accident (including claims from resultant “Loss of Use”) shall not exceed the limits stated in the policy. The automobile policy may contain a pro- or Insolvency vision to the effect that the insolvency or of Assured bankruptcy of the assured thereunder shall not release the Company from the payment of damages for injuries sustained or loss occasioned during the life of the policy, and in case execution against the assured is returned unsatisfied in an action brought by the injured, or his or her personal representative in case death results from the accident, because of such insolvency or bankruptcy, then an action may be maintained by the injured person or his or her personal representative against the Company under the terms of the policy for the amount of the judgment in the said action, not exceeding the limits of the policy.

The terms and conditions of this policy are so extended as to be available, in the same manner and under the same conditions as they are available to the named assured, to any person or persons while riding in or legally operating any of the automobiles described in the declarations, and to any person, firm or corporation legally responsible for the operation thereof, provided such use or operation is with the permission of the named assured, or, if the named assured is an individual, with the permission of an adult member of the named assured’s household ‘other than a chauffeur or a domestic servant; except that the terms and conditions of this policy shall not be available to a public automobile garage, automobile repair shop, automobile sales agency, automobile service station, and the agents or employees thereof.

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