How to find private passenger type automobiles policies

Where private passenger type automobiles are insured on either the “named driver” or elude the livery or renting use of the automobiles, apply rates and definitions as stated in the Public Automobile Section.

Automobiles of the commercial type written on either the “named driver” or “specified car” basis, which are occasionally used for general trucking, shall be written at the “Truckmen” commercial car premium where such premium is higher than the Demonstrating Premium.

Collision insurance for public garages and automobile manufacturers may be obtained by specifying in the policy each automobile to be covered and applying the rates and minimums. An alternative method is provided for automobile dealers (not automobile manufacturers); see instructions below under caption of “Blanket Collision Policy for Dealers.”

Under either plan coverage shall exclude protection while the insured automobile is being “driven away” under its own power from the factory, assembly plant or other distributing point, to or part way to, the assured’s salesroom, warehouse or other receiving point, unless an additional premium is paid therefor in accordance with the charges and minimum set forth in the Miscellaneous Rate Section for “Drive-Aways.”

Policies shall also exclude coverage while the insured automobiles are being used to carry passengers for a consideration or are rented for a consideration. (For such automobiles charge the Collision rates for “Public Automobiles”.) Provision shall be made that indemnity for damage repaired by the assured shall not be in excess of the actual cost of labor and material. See. “Collision Coverage” Rule for the forms of coverage.

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