How to Find Cheap Garage Liability Insurance

Note: Insurance for damage to property of others regularly left in charge of a public garage or automobile dealer may be secured in accordance with the rule governing “Damage to Property in Charge of the Assured. Continue reading on our auto insurance blog.

A blanket policy may be issued to cover an automobile dealer for all automobiles owned by him at the beginning of the policy year and at all times during the policy period, at the rates and minimum set forth in the Miscellaneous Rate Section, subject to the “Drive-Away” and other exclusions outlined above. Such policy shall contain a declaration as to the number of automobiles owned by the assured at the time the policy takes effect and the number contracted for or to be purchased by the assured during the policy year. He shall keep a record of the date each car comes into his possession, and shall promptly notify the company thereof.

Likewise, he shall promptly notify the company of the date each car is disposed of. The assured shall pay an advance premium equal to the total number of automobiles to be insured during the year at the minimum premiums for each such automobile as given in the Miscellaneous Rate Section. Policy may be written on a semi-annual, quarterly or monthly audit and premium payments based thereon, in which event the company shall render a statement at the end of each period of the Collision premiums due for cars insured during such period and same shall be due and payable forthwith by the assured. The deposit premium paid by the assured at the time the policy is written shall be held by the company to be applied against the amount due for the last period of the policy.

garage policy written on a “payroll” basis to Property to cover Public Liability and Property Damage in Charge (except for an electric garage or storage garage) of the may be extended to cover the assured’s liability in excess of ยง100 for each accident, for damage as a result of an accidental collision to property of Others in charge of the assured not caused either directly or in-directly by fire or theft, and, unless specific premium charges are made therefore, not caused by (a) any elevator, its car or platform, or the shaft or hoistway within which it is operated, or any of the appliances used in the operation thereof, (b) any mechanical or hydraulic hoist used in raising or lowering automobiles or other material, such property to consist of automobiles and other property regularly left in charge of garages.

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