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Two or More Automobiles. When two or more automobiles are insured hereunder, the terms of this discount auto insurance quotes and policy shall apply- separately to each, but a motor vehicle and a trailer or trailers attached thereto shall be held to be one automobile as respects limits of liability under coverages A and B and separate automobiles as respects limits of liability, including any deductible provisions, under coverages D, E-I, E-2, E-3, F, G-l, G-2, G-3, H, I and J.

Use of Other Automobiles
If the named insured is an individual who owns the automobile classified as “pleasure and business” or husband and wife either or both of whom own said automobile, such insurance as is afforded by this policy for bodily injury liability [for property damage liability and for medical payments] with respect to said automobile applies with respect to any other automobile, subject to the following provisions:
(a) With respect to the insurance for bodily injury liability and for property damage liability the unqualified word “insured” includes (1) such named insured, (2) the spouse of such individual if a resident of the same household and (3) any other person or organization legally responsible for the use by such named insured or spouse of an automobile not owned or hired by such other person or organization. Insuring Agreement III, Definition of Insured, does not apply to this insurance. Get discount auto insurance quotes.
(b) This insuring agreement does not apply:
(1) to any automobile owned by, hired as part of a frequent use of hired automobiles by, or furnished for regular use
to the named insured or a member of his household other than a private chauffeur or domestic servant of the named insured or spouse;
(2) to any automobile while used in the business or occupation of the named insured or spouse except a private passenger automobile operated or occupied by such named insured, spouse, chauffeur or servant;
(3) to any accident arising out of the operation of an automobile repair shop, public garage, sales agency, service station or public parking place;
(4) under coverage C, unless the injury results from the operation of such other automobile by such named insured or spouse or on behalf of either by such chauffeur or servant, or from the occupancy of said automobile by- such named insured or spouse. Find discount auto insurance quotes.

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