Discount Auto Insurance – Definition of Insured

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With respect to the insurance for bodily injury liability and for property damage liability the unqualified word “insured” includes the named insured and also includes any person while using the automobile and any person or organization legally responsible for the use thereof, provided the actual use of the automobile is by the named insured or with his permission. The discount auto insurance with respect to any person or organization other than the named insured does not apply:

(a) to any person or organization, or to any agent or employee thereof, operating an automobile repair shop, public garage, sales agency, service station or public parking place, with respect to any accident arising out of the operation thereof;

(b) to any employee with respect to injury to or sickness, disease or death of another employee of the same employer injured in the course of such employment in an accident arising out of the maintenance or use of the automobile in the business of such employer.

Automobile Defined, Trailers, Two or More Automobiles [Including Discount Auto Insurance]
(a) Automobile. Except where stated to the contrary, the word “automobile” means:
(1) Described Automobile—the motor vehicle or trailer described in this policy;
(2) Utility Trailer—under coverages A, B and C, a trailer not so described, if designed for use with a private passenger automobile, if not being used with another type automobile and if not a home, office, store, display or passenger trailer;
(3) Temporary Substitute Automobile—under coverages A, B and C, an automobile not owned by the named insured while temporary used as the substitute for the described automobile while withdrawn from normal use because of its breakdown, repair, servicing, loss or destruction;
(4) Newly Acquired Automobile—an automobile, ownership of which is acquired by the named insured who is the owner of the described automobile, if the named insured notifies the company within thirty days following the date of its delivery to him, and if either it replaces an automobile described in this policy or the company insures all automobiles owned by the named insured at such delivery date; but the insurance with respect to the newly acquired automobile does not apply to any loss against which the named insured has other valid and collectible discount auto insurance.

The named insured shall pay any additional premium required because of the application of the insurance to such newly acquired automobile.

The word “automobile” also includes under coverages D, E-l, E-2, E-3, F, G-l, G-2, G-3, H and I its equipment and other equipment permanently attached thereto.

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