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Did you know that you are eligible for discount auto insurance quotes depending on the vehicle usage? Car insurance rates vary depending on how people use their vehicles. The lowest usage category is for full-time farming. Not everyone can be a full-time farmer or use a car exclusively for pleasure. But by making a few simple changes in your driving habits, you can place yourself in a lower usage category and save a lot of premium dollars.

For instance, if you’re married and have two cars in the family and looking for discount car insurance rates, arrange to have the older car driven to work while leaving the newer one at home to be rated for pleasure use. This maneuver can save you as much as 20 percent if comprehensive and collision coverages are carried on the newer vehicle.

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If the annual premium for the comprehensive and collision coverages is $192 and you drive more than 100 miles round trip to work each week ($160 [base premium] X 120 [greater than 100 miles to work rate factor] ~ $192), you could save $32 a year simply by switching cars and driving the older car to work ($160 [base premium] X 1.00 [pleasure use rate factor] — $160). You could save even more simply by car pooling or by taking public transportation to work, since you would then lower your usage category for all your cars and insurance coverages. Start comparing discount car insurance quotes now!

For example, instead of paying $432 a year for all of that extra driving ($360 X 1.20 [greater than 100 miles to work rate factor] — $432), you could be paying only $360 based on the 1.00 pleasure usage (or less than 30 round trip miles to work rate factor) and thereby save a hefty $72 a year (20 percent) plus a lot of gasoline and wear and tear on your car.

As you can see while comparing car insurance discounts, any reduction in work-driving miles within the preceding guidelines or the elimination of any business-use driving can save you from 10 to 30 percent. Notify your insurance representative whenever you make a permanent change. If you forget and so inform him at a later date, you still will be entitled to an immediate rate reduction plus a premium refund for the time you were incorrectly billed.

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For example, say you started taking the bus to work three years ago rather than driving over 100 round trip miles every week and forgot to notify your insurance representative. Once you informed him of the change, you would be entitled to an immediate rate reduction from $432 to $360 plus a premium refund of $216 ($72 X 3 years). Of course, you would be required to provide sufficient proof to substantiate the change, such as bus ticket stubs or checks for commuter tickets, but it certainly would be worth the effort.

It is also a good idea to call your representative to make sure that your current driving usage pattern is classified properly by the insurance company. If it isn’t, you will be eligible for a rate reduction plus a refund for any past overcharges. You can check this simply by asking your representative how you are rated for vehicle use and then comparing the answer to your actual driving pattern.

If you have been adversely misclassified, make that fact known and request a new classification with its corresponding lower rates as well as a premium refund if applicable. Ready to compare discount auto insurance quotes? Enter your zip code into a quote box above!