Start Saving 30% And More with These Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto Insurance Discounts vary depending on the carrier. Shop around and find a provider offering a discounted rate. Enter your zip code and start your personalized quote now, and we’ll ask you a series of questions to find out if you qualify for the following:

  • Good Driver: Good drivers can save big—up to 30%
  • Multi-Car: Insuring two cars can be the same price as insuring one.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: Save up to 10% on your home insurance when you insure both your car and home.
  • Low Annual Mileage: Many companies offer discounts to people who drive a lower than average number of miles a year or drivers who car pool to work.
  • Good Student: Drivers in the household with a B or equivalent grade point average can qualify for a discount.
  • Vehicle Safety Features: Drivers operating vehicles with factory-installed motorized safety belts and air bags get discounts .
  • Anti-Theft Devices: Does your car have a GPS tracking system or an alarm? Discount!
  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS): Do you operate a vehicle with an anti-lock braking system? Discount!

Shop around and get quotes from different types of insurance companies. Check out this list of common auto insurance discounts for eligible drivers including good driver, student and more, to help you compare quotes from insurers and on the same coverage.

See a letter from one of our customers who saved $800 on their car insurance this year:

How I saved $800 on car insurance“A year ago, my twenty-one-year-old son left my household permanently and joined the service. However, I understood that my car insurance company’s records were still showing him residing with me, which of course was in error.

After checking this car insurance discounts list on, I realized that my previous year’s rates didn’t reflect the fact that he had left my home and that my premium should have been substantially reduced at that time.

Therefore, I requested that my premium be reduced from $700 a year to $300 and that I be sent a refund check for $400 as reimbursement for last year’s overpayment.

I’ve enclosed a photocopy of my son’s service record to assist them with the prompt reduction of my premium and to support the timely remittance of my refund check.

Thank you for your great tips, I saved $400 in auto insurance discounts this year!”


Jesse M., Atlanta, GA

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